EcoSolutions EcoStar

EcoSolutions is a social enterprise that has been working with Northlanders for over 15 years to lead positive environmental change through supporting schools, businesses and the community with environmental projects.

EcoSolutions EcoStar Program

Supports organisations to achieve their sustainability goals.

The goals are achieved by developing a vision and working towards this through strategies and workshops aimed at fostering stronger Kaitiakitanga for Taiao, the environment.

The EcoStar program takes a wholistic approach to waste and energy minimisation — creating efficient systems while engaging your staff in the process.  

The aim is to minimise the flow of waste ending up in landfill while reducing company costs, motivating staff and creating positive culture change.

  This has many benefits:

  •  Attracting and retaining local customers/clients through positive networking and marketing.

  • Increasing staff engagement, retention and pride in the workplace.

  • Improving your environmental footprint.

  • Potentially reducing costs, which all helps to make your workplace more efficient.

    The program provides:

  • Local and Northland wide recognition for sustainability efforts and making a difference in the community.

  • A full evaluation of your current waste systems and a tailored plan to reduce waste streams.

  • Sustainable procurement guide and full recycling guide.

  • Facilitation of carbon reduction plans.

  • Advice on local recycling options.

  • Potential reduced costs due to less waste to landfill.

  • Assistance to establish or engage a staff Eco Team, who will lead the change.

  • Annual grading and program review. A great motivator for staff — and something to show customers and clients.

  • We will tailor the program to your organisation, taking account of your activities, your size and where you are on your sustainability journey.

  • Staff have the opportunity to attend workshops to further their knowledge, share ideas and maintain motivation.

  Workshops include

  • Networking with other members to encourage a wider, more cohesive regional impact.

  • Zero waste Shopping workshops; making reuse items to help reduce unnecessary packaging.

    Upcycling workshops:

  • Taking waste items and create useful items that don’t cost the earth.

  • Composting and worm farming workshops.

  • Food preservation and food waste prevention workshops.

  • The programme encourages a change of regional culture toward stronger Kaitiakitanga for Taiao, the environment.

 If you’d like to get started on the EcoStar program or you would like more information, please contact us:


PH CBEC (09) 438 710

Far North: Jo

Mid North: